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My review:

The Villier family’s homestead is situated right near a burial ground. There is an old legend regarding The Tombs or as it is also known as the “Isle of Apples”. A maiden who had lost her lover, traveled down to the tombs. She returned with her lover in tow and refusing to let him return to the underworld.

Iris Catherine Villiers is the younger sister to twin brothers, Harvey and Spence. Though, Harvey and Spence could not be more different from each other than night and day. Harvey is the sweet one and Spence is the evil one. Iris and Harvey get along with each other. They are very close.

One day a tragic accident befalls Harvey and Iris, leaving Harvey dead and Iris gaining the ability to communicate with the dead. Iris longs to bring Harvey back from the dead but is she willing to pay the price?

While the story had some paranormal elements to it, I was hoping for more. I found the characters were interesting. This is a quick read, which I actually wished had lasted a bit longer. The illustrations in this book are detailed and wonderful. I would have liked to seen Iris use her new learned ability more. It was like she had it, used it and that was it. Overall, a pretty good book.


Sounds like a good read for this time of year. :)
Becky LeJeune said…
Have you read the other Harrow House books? Isis is mentioned in quite a few of them with regards to the history of the house.
carolsnotebook said…
I saw this advertised somewhere and was debating it. I'm still on the fence, I think.
Cheryl said…
Michelle- this is a good book for this time of the year

Becky- I have not read the other Harrow House books but I will have to check them out

Carol -I can understand you being on the fence.

Naida- Yes a good creepy book but one that won't give nightmares to people who don't really care for these types of books
percy said…
You have posted a very interesting article. Keep it up!

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