Murder at Longbourn

Elizabeth Parker receives a New Year’s Eve party invite from her Aunt Winnie. Her Aunt is hosting a murder themed party. The night promises to be filled with lots of fun, mayhem and a few surprises. The guests have all arrived and the games are ready to begin. They turn out the lights to start when a gun shot is heard. The lights come back on and there lies a body. Unfortunately, someone has decided to raise the stakes and play for real.

Murder at Longbourn is author, Tracy Kiely’s debut novel. The story at times was both quirky and good. Elizabeth was a sweetheart. The characters and the plot reminded me of the board game “Clue”. Where everyone is a suspect and the bodies just keep piling up. As much as I like that the story kept moving, there was almost too much going on that I got lost a few times. This is because everyone was trying to solve the murder and the plot had me going in one direction and than another. Though I do have to say that the twists came at the right moments. I can’t wait to see what this author comes up with next.


Anonymous said…
Between the cover and the Clue comparison, I think you may have hooked me.
Becky LeJeune said…
Such a fun book! I am also looking forward to what she comes out with next.

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