Locked In

Locked In is the latest Sharon McCone mystery from author, Marcia Muller. This book opens with a bang. Sharon is headed back to the office. When she arrives, she goes to unlock her office door but it is already unlocked. She heads into her office and hears a loud bang, right before she passes out. Sharon wakes up to find herself lying in a hospital bed with her husband by her side. The problem Sharon now faces is that she is trapped inside her body in what is called “locked-in syndrome”. A syndrome where the person is conscious and can hear everything around them but their body won’t respond and neither will their eyes.

It is up to Sharon’s husband to find the person responsible for his wife’s condition. Time is racing.

Locked In is the second Sharon McCone book I have read. Burned Out is the first. While I didn’t really care for the first, I thought I would give this book a try. The concept really drew me in and made me excited to want try another novel by Marcia Muller. The beginning of this book really got my heart racing but about a third of the way in, I quickly lost interest in the plot and the characters. The only times when I became intrigued was when the story would flash to Sharon. Overall, I probably won’t read anymore Sharon McCone novels. Don’t let my thoughts stop you though from trying this book out if you want as there are many people who do like this series.


Stephanie said…
Thank you for the honest review. I am a fan of Sharon McCone, so I'll probably give this one a try. :-)

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