A Separate Country

General John Bell Hood was a famous general during the Civil War. He fought for the Confederate side. His brigade was known as "Hood's Brigade". They along with their general were well known for their fierce fighting style. He fought in the war till it was over. Not even the loss of several limbs could keep General Hood down. After the war, Hood moved to Louisiana. There he met the lovely Anna Marie Hennen. Hood got a job as President of the Life Association of America, a insurance company. Anna Marie was the only one that could crub Hood’s temper. It would be unfortante that the one thing that could bring Hood down was the yellow fever.

This book starts out at the very end of General John Bell Hood’s life. Hood has constricted yellow fever. As Hood lay on his death bed, he requested that his story be told. The result was author, Robert Hicks :A Separate Country”. I thought Mr. Hicks did a nice good with this book. From what I learned about who General John Bell Hood actually was, the details were spot on from what I could observe. I liked that this book was told through both Anna Marie and Hood’s sides. At the beginning of each chapter would be either Anna Marie’s or Hood’s name, this made it very helpful to keep track of who was speaking. Though I do have to say that there were times throughout the book that I would start to lose interest and just skim it in parts, It was a little dry. I could have done without the other characters as I thought that Anna Marie and Hood were interesting enough by themselves.


Stephanie said…
This sounds fascinating, albeit a little dry. :-) Thanks for the balanced review.
naida said…
I like the cover on this one.
It does sound good, even if it was a bit dry at parts.

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