For all the busy Moms.

I want to thank Tracee with Pump Up Your Book Promotion for letting me be a part of this blog tour.

Make Ahead Meals it the perfect cookbook for anyone to own…from first time cooks to busy moms. This is a handy book to have, especially during these days. When people are trying to save money by eating at home. Home cooked meals don’t have to be boring or take you all day to make.

When you first open this book, Jane shares useful tips like if a recipe calls for bread crumbs, you can purchase a loaf of bread and grind it in a food processor. Than you just put the crumbs in freezer bags with a label and the bread crumbs will last for up to three months.

This cookbook has everything from …appetizers, entrees to desserts. The best part is that most of these items are every day items that you may even already have in your shelves. In addition that if the meals don’t taste as well frozen, than Jane shares with you what can be made ahead the day before versus which recipes can be made in bulk and frozen. While I do have to admit that I haven’t made anything yet, I do plan to do some cooking this weekend, starting with the Spicy Corn Chowder. This book gave me so many ideas that I will have fun trying everything out. Make Ahead Meals belongs in your kitchen.


I need all the help I can get with cooking. :)

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