Hot and Irresistible

Hot and Bothered introduced readers to Bebe Fitzpatrick. She is back in her own story in Hot and Irresistible. The newest release from author, Dianne Castrell.

Bebe Fitzpatrick is a darn good cop. She is also tough and can take care of herself. While her friends may never leave home without their lip gloss; Bebe on the other hand would not go anywhere without her gun. Bebe usually has no problems snagging any guy she wants…till now. Bebe’s friends help Bebe to loose up and show Donovan just what she is packing under her suit.

Sexy Donovan McCabe is also a cop. It isn’t easy working day in and day out with a bombshell of a distraction like Bebe. Donovan will have to try and get his head in the game. He and Bebe are tracking down a notorious entrepreneur.

I didn’t really feel the chemistry between Bebe and Donovan. It might have been because Bebe kept telling herself and believing that she wasn’t attractive, which in turn made me see her that way as well. Though Donovan saw Bebe in a whole different light. As someone he couldn’t keep either his eyes or his hands off of. The balance between the story line and the romance with Donovan and Bebe was good. I do want to check out some of Dianne Castrell’s prior novels.


Storyheart said…
A really enjoyable book written by a fun and entertaining author. Not only have I followed this author on her book tour, but was lucky enough to spend a really enjoyable thirty minutes chatting to her on my radio show.


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