Saint John of the Five Boroughs

I want to thank Caitlin with Unbridled Books for sending me this book to review.

My review:

Twenty two year old, Avery Walker is trying to find herself. She is a bit of a wild child. When Avery meets thirty seven years old, Grant Danko, things change rapidly. Grant is so much more mature from her past boyfriends. Grant is a theater performer. His stage name is Saint John of the Five Boroughs. Grand and Avery’s relationship is very intense. Almost like a love/hate relationship. Through Avery is enthralled by Grant that she moves to Brooklyn with him. Avery’s mother, Kate is worried about Avery that she is spiraling down a path that she won’t be able to return from.

When I read the book synopsis for this book, I thought it held promise. Unfortunately. I didn’t feel this book or the characters. I kept reading hoping that soon, I would be drawn in but I just couldn’t. I gave up about a third of the way in. The story didn’t move quickly enough for me. Avery and her problems turned me off. She needs to grow up. I felt that Grant was the villain in this story. He dominated Avery. I didn’t like that. I wish there was something really positive I could say about this book but I couldn’t this time.


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