Do you have a favorite cooking show/chef?

So I want to know do you have a favorite cooking show you like to watch or even a favorite chef?

I love to watch the Food Network Channel and some of my favorite shows to watch are Top Chef and Hell's Kitchen.

My review:

Food critic, Miranda Wake thinks she knows everything there is about find dining. She considers herself to have an excellent palette. While attending the celebration of new Manhattan restaurant, Market by Chef Adam Temple, Miranda critics Adam. He challenges her. He tells Miranda that she won’t last a day in his kitchen. Miranda takes Adam up on his challenge. What Adam soon learns is that Miranda may not be belong in a kitchen but she belongs with him…in his bed!.

From start to finished, I devoured and enjoyed every moment of this book. Miranda and Adam worked well together like…honey and cayenne pepper…a little sweet and a little spicy with an end result to make you say “Wow”. Chef Adam Temple really knows his way around both the kitchen and the bedroom. Miranda and Adam ignited a fire that just couldn’t be put out. I am excited to see that Devon Sparks from One Night Stand, a cooking show with be the main feature in the next Recipe for Love novel titled On the Steamy Side. He was briefly introduced in the last part of this book. If you love cooking, whether it be in any form, either by watching or doing than you will love Can't Stand the Heat by Louisa Edwards.


For Some reason I whenever summer vacation starts I autotune my DVR to record Everyday Italien(spelling???) on Food Network. I just love how Italians use cheese in every one of their recipies!!!
Kaye said…
I love Paula Deen and Ina Garten. Just by chance, I happened to watch Brian Boitano and I really liked his show. Now I watch it every Sunday.
Jane said…
I love watching "Good Eats" with Alton Brown. Great review, Cheryl. I'll have to check out Louisa's book.

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