The Dred Scott Story

“Am I Not a Man?” This may probably by one of the most famous lines spoken in history. This line came out of the mouth of Dred Scott. He was a black slave. Dred first won his freedom and the freedom of his wife and than later they lost it.

Dred Scott fought to regain his freedom, stating “Am I not a Man?” He took his fight all the way to United States Supreme Courts. This lawsuit would be known as the Dred Scott Decision. A decision made by the Supreme Courts that any African descent living as a slave had no rights as a US citizen. Dred Scott would lose his case but he would pave the way for one of the biggest changes that would rock history. Dred Scott’s story struck a heart string with President Abraham Lincoln who created the emancipation proclamation.

I had never heard of Dred Scott till I read this book. I found his story to be amazing. He never gave up, even when others turned their backs on him and shunned him. While I did like this
book, I do have to admit that there were times when the story line and characters would pull me in and than other times when I would lose interest and start skimming the pages. Though I do have to say that if you are looking for something interesting to read than this book is a quick read.


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