The Art of Disappearing

I want to thank Katy with St. Martin's Press for sending me a copy of this book to review.

Mel Snow and her magician husband, Tobias Warring. When Mel first met Toby she thought he was just one of those cheesy magicians. This was easy to understand, especially when the person is performing in Las Vegas. What Mel soon discovers is that Toby is not an imposter but the real deal. He is one in a million. The problem is that Toby can’t control his magic. During one of his performances, a tragic accident happens and Toby and Mel are forced to leave. They travel in search of someone who can help Toby before it is too late.

This book started out a little confusing at first. Mel and Toby had gotten married. It started at the end and than went backwards to everything leading up to the present. If done right, I can usually follow along and get right into the story without any of the back ground storyline first. Unfortunately, this didn’t really happen for me this time. A reason for this isn’t for lack of detail because there was a lot of detail but because I felt the plot moved very slowly for me. Also, I was expecting Toby to do lots of magic and there wasn’t really that much. The love story through between Toby and Mel was memorizing. It reminded me of the movie, The Illusionist. Toby and Mel’s relationship was like Ed Norton’s and Jessica Beil’s characters…it was romantic, sad, and magical, all at the same time.


Linda Jacobs said…
I hear ya; sometimes, I'm just not up for a confusing book. It seems that as authors try to get more unique, they're just getting more convoluted.

Have a good week!
carolsnotebook said…
I have this on my list, but now I'm not so sure. Thanks for the review.

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