Margarita Wednesdays: Making a New Life by the Mexican Sea

In answer to the question of what happened following her New York Times bestseller Kabul Beauty School, Deborah Rodriquez is back with a new memoir.

Irreverent, insightful, and blatantly honest, Deborah takes us along on her inspiring journey of self-discovery and renewal after she is forced to flee Afghanistan in 2007. She first lands in California, where she feels like a misfit teetering on the brink of sanity. Where was that fearless redhead who stared danger in the face back in Kabul?

After being advised to commune with glowworms and sit in contemplation for one year, Rodriguez finally packs her life and her cat into her Mini Cooper and moves to a seaside town in Mexico. Despite having no plan, no friends, and no Spanish, a determined Rodriguez soon finds herself swept up in a world where the music never stops and a new life can begin. Her adventures and misadventures among the expats and locals help lead the way to new love, new family, and a new sense of herself.

In the magic of Mexico, she finds the hairdresser within, and builds the life she never knew was possible&a life on her own terms

Mt Review

I have not read Kabul Beauty School, however it does not matter if you have or not. Margarita Wednesdays can be read as a stand alone novel. The author does a good job of explaining what caused her to leave and run to Mazatlan, Mexico. To be honest, I wished that I had read Kabul Beauty School as it sounded like a interesting book. I may go back and read it. This book was a little dry. In the beginning, I had no problems reading this book. I got a good image of the author and her life. After a while, though I grew a little tried of reading every details. They kind of repeated themselves with the wording. Not to take anything away from the author. She does seem like a nice person. I just wishes that I felt closer to her through her story.


Mystica said…
Haven't read the first one either but making a note of this author and book once again.

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