Brunette Ambition

I am only familiar with Lea from Glee. I don't know anything else beyond this. I say this because I know television is not a true portrayal of who someone really is. However I love Lea as Rachel on Glee. So I was intrigued to get to read her book. This is an awesome book. Lea is so humble and sweet. It was like talking with a girlfriend as I was reading this book. All of the tips she shared from staying healthy, work ethics, family, friends, food, and being a style icon was cool. After reading this book, I would so like to hang out with Lea. All the tips that Lea shared were not just ones that you could pick up anywhere on the internet. Well some of the advice but I felt that she really and truly cared about sharing her tips and thus it did not feel like cookie cutter advice. This book makes a nice coffee table book. Because you will want to refer to it again and again.

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