I have wanted to read Robopocalypse since I first heard about it. Before I knew it, the sequel is being released. I have still not read the first book but want to now after reading this one. This is another book that I took a chance with having not read the first one. I was afraid that it would be so, so. Luckily, I am not one of those people who won't read a book unless I have read all the others in the series. Or I might have missed out on how awesome this book turned out to be.

I liked the realistic feel to the story. As If I could see this really coming true. This book has that great sci-fi aspect to it without coming off as gimmicky. I like the way this book was laid out. It was spilt into sections. Each one focusing and giving a voice to one of the three main characters, Lark Iron Cloud, Mathilda Perez, and Cormac Wallace. This helped me to keep everyone straight in my head and focus on what was happening in that moment, especially since I had not read the first book. This book would make a great television show.


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