Alive!: Extraordinary Stories of Ordinary People Who Survived Deadly Tornadoes, Avalanches, Shipwrecks and More!

I got a really good idea of what all of these people went through surviving Mother Nature and animal attacks and I have to say that while I was intrigued by their stories, I am sorry that they had a story to share. On the same hand, I am glad that everyone survived their ordeal. I found the stories in the section "At the Mercy of a Wild Animal" to grab my attention and I felt like I was there with each person witnessing the tragic events up close.


I almost had a story of my own to share for "Facing Mother Nature's Fury" like Christopher Davis in Super Storm about surviving a tornado. My parents, my sisters young children, and I were in Denver, Colorado for my sister's college graduation. My sister came to the hotel to get the children for some fun on Saturday night. My parents and I were going to go out for dinner. My Dad and I were watching the hockey game when it was interrupted by a weather emergency warning. There were two tornado warnings in effect until about 7:10pm that evening. We have about an 45 minute wait to see if the warning would be dismissed or not. There was one tornado where we were planning to go to eat and the other one was outside of our hotel window across a field. My Mom and I watched the cloud changing before our eyes. Then the rain started and the tornado sirens were off. Luckily that was all, the clouds moved away. A tiny tornado did touch down in anotehr part of the Denver area but no one was hurt. If you enjoy reading or watching true survival stories, than you will want to pick up a copy of this book and check it out for yourself.

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