Awaken with Nina Lane

Olivia "Liv" Rose and Professor Dean are married. They have had some troubling times recently. What with Maggie Hamilton accusing Liv's husband of sexual harassment. Charges are pending. Due to this claim, Dean has been suspended from his job at King's University. Than there is the miscarriage. All of the issues kind of go to the way side when Dean embarks for a long trip to Italy for an dig. Olivia comes up with the idea of long distance courting as if they were dating again. Anything to try to help their marriage. Things change when a letter arrives for Olivia.

Awaken is the third Spiral of Bliss books. While, I took a chance and read this book having not read the first two novels, I am glad I did. I was able to jump right in and start reading this book. I got a good idea of what events happened in the prior novels because they were still playing out in this book. While I would call the sex in this book more erotica, it was still tasteful. That is because Liv and Dean truly loved each other so it was about emotions as well as passion. A fitting ending to this trilogy.

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Mystica said…
Like the cover.

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