New Book Cover Reveal for The Pack

Check out the revamped book cover for The Pack. I must admit that I like this book cover way better then the original.

Book description
Shamira is considered an outcast by most, but little do they know that she is on a mission. Kids on Mars are disappearing, but Shamira decides to use the criminals most unlikely weapons against them the very kids of which they have captured. In order to succeed, she is forced to trust another, something she is afraid to do. However, Valens, her connection to the underworld of her enemy, proves to be a useful ally. Time is slipping, and so is her control on the power that resides within her. But in order to save her brother's life, she is willing to risk it all.

Check out my review of book one here. If you would like to sample book one, you can here.
If you'd like to read The Pack-Retribution (book 2) it is available via for download

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