The Pack

Shamira is a wild child. She is always out tracking bad guys, even though her mother has threatened that the next time she comes home late she will be tagged. Shamira’s parents are members of the Security Force Elite on planet Mars. Shamira’s parents have been busy with trying to stop drug trafficking between Mars and Earth and the multiple disappears of children on Mars.

Shamira and her father travel to Earth for some business. While there, Shamira’s father learns that Shamira’s mother and brother were kidnapped. Shamira jumps into action to rescues her brother. She is joined by a boy named Valens as well as some other children. They hope to stop the evil organization, Monev.

The Pack is a fun, filled sci-fi, fantasy ride that will have you cheering for more. I like that the children were in charge in this book. Shamira made a good leader. She is strong, tough and someone that young adult readers can really cheer for. I read this book in one day. I am not typically a sci-fi fantasy fan but I did enjoy The Pack. I thought that author; LM Preston really brought the life to the characters and had a good story line. I wouldn’t mind visiting with Shamira and the rest of the children of Mars again in the future.


Very glad to hear you liked this one. I'm just about to start it =)

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