The Sweet Life

In The Sweet Life: Too Many Doubts book three, Bruce Patman is losing it. Elizabeth has left him. Liz was suppose to have Bruce's back. Bruce can not just sit around and do nothing. He hires a private investigator to find the intern. The private investigator tracks down Robin. Bruce decides to confront Robin himself. This can only be bad news for Bruce.

Meanwhile, Sarah may have been fired from the Tribune due to Jessica but Sarah is finding confort in the arms of Todd. Jessica and Todd may have split but that does not mean that Jessica can not have some fun of her own. She and Liam are getting cozy. Liam is every woman's dream, so why can't Jessica stop thinking about Todd.

In this book, Lila is winning my over. Although, she is still spoiled, her estranged husband, Ken is showing Lila that he will not take any bull from Lila. Classic line by Lila "Are you kidding? All of life is high-school " This line when Jessica and Lila are talking about Lila's fake pregnancy.

While I did like seeing Steven Wakefield and his partner, Aaron and their daughter, Emma. I felt like their story did not fit with the rest of the story line and was just more of a side note. I am getting more invested in the characters story lines. I hope that Bruce finds the truth. I believe that Bruce is innocent and saddened that Elizabeth can not see this. Jessica may be up to her old tricks but she and Liam do not belong together. Lila will be found out about her fake pregnancy.

Jessica wants Todd back. Only now Sarah has her arms around Todd. Elizabeth believes that Bruce's competitor Rick Wagner, owner of Wagner Gas is behind Bruce's demise. She just needs to prove it. Then there is Lila. Her secret of her fake pregnacy is revealed. Now she has no chance of winning back her husband and she looks like the fool.

I don't like Sarah. I find her annoying and don't know what Todd sees in her. Elizabeth needs to wake up and realize that Robin is not who she says she is. Elizabeth is a big push over. I can not believe that she would have Robin's back over Bruce's. I wish she and Bruce would work things out. Jessica she needs to drop Liam. He is also annoying and needy. I am glad though to see Jessica trying to grow up and be a single mother. If Todd thinks that he is being nice helping Sarah out by letting her stay with hjim, he is dumber then I thought he was. Part of the realize that Todd is letting Sarah stay is because she is hot. That and Todd knows that Jessica hates Sarah. Him and Jessica need to work things out for their son's sake. Lila is finally learning what happens when you call wolf one too many times. I am addicted to this series

Jessica has decided to play the field now that she and Todd are officially spilt. Jessica decides to go out with her boss, Michael.

Elizabeth has finally discovered that Robin has been playing her for a fool. Elizabeth knows what she must do in order to when Bruce back. She must find out the truth once and for all. Even if it means losing her job as a repoter at the Tribune. Elizabeth learns that Robin grew up in Kentucky. Elizabeth heads to Kentucky as she knows this is where she needs to start at the beginning. Will Elizabeth help Bruce in time or will it be too late?

As this mini series is winding down, it is getting more interesting and picking up speed. Elizabeth's skill as a reporter shows some in this book. I actually felt bad for Jessica. She kept getting knocked down. However in Jessica fashion, she does not stay down for too long. No so much feeling the budding romance between Bruce and his attorney. If Bruce really cared for Elizabeth, he would hold out for a while longer. I can not wait to finally get the big reveal with the truth.

In this final book in this six book mini series, Lila reveals her real pregnancy. It is sweet justice that Lila was trying to win her husband back with a fake pregnacy but in the end she actually ends out to be really pregnant. Be careful what you wish for or I should say scheme for.

Elizabeth finds the missing link she was searching for in regards to the truth about Bruce. Jessica and Todd are back together and they are willing to try to work things out. Besides, makeup sex is so much more fun!

My suspicions were confirmed true. Although, I was disappointed that Elizabeth was not too bright to figure this out sooner. Although, she did try to redeem herself in the end. When the ending came, I was awaiting the happy news and to my shock, it did not come. Instead, I was left with my mouth hanging open in shock and yelling "No!" I blame this on Elizabeth and hoping that the ending is not truely the end and just a cliff hanger. While the writing for this whole series was not the greatest, it was still a fun mini series to read. Also, a nice revisit with the Wakefield twins and their friends.


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