I Own the Night

Review by Nancy

From this title, you might be inclined to think this is a vampire story. Wrong. This is the story of a group of men and women in the Afghani mountains. One of them, Kee Smith has a black past that she says she’s dealt with but she hasn’t – not even close. Another, Major Emily Beale, married to a Major as well, was the first woman to make the SOAR team – the Night Stalkers. Kee was the second. Kee came in with an attitude and a mouth. One of the first things she had to learn was to keep the attitude under wraps and the mouth shut.

SOAR was made up of “the baddest asses on the face of the sky” (loved that!). Kee’s team was led by Major Beale and made up of two men, Lt. Archibald Jeffery Stevenson the III and Big Bad John, aptly named. Archie is terrified to speak to women but Kee seems an exception. John is just as describe3d. Their first trip out with Kee they spot an outpost of baddies – and blow it. Just then, Kee sees a small figure on the ground and grabs it as they go low. Not a rebel – a child.

The girl is starved and thirty and has decided that Kee is a God dropped from the sky to save her. Kee, on the other hand, doesn’t need someone to take care of – she’d done enough of that while growing up. And it hadn’t ended well. But Dilya has her mind made up she is now Kee’s and that’s ‘nuf said.

Kee and Archie begin to get closer, things heat up even more than the temperature in Afghanistan. Then a series of major misunderstandings, plus an ex-hot shot soldier on a mission, bring it all together to remind them what they’re fighting for.

A great read! Battles won and lost, and keep in mind that the baddest of the bad are up in the sky and they wilI find you!
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