My Favorite Fangs

Maria lives at the Abbey with Mother Zombie and her fellow sisters. Mother Zombie has had enough of Maria's antics. She kicks Maria out to try and get along with others. Maria becomes the new Governesses for the von Trapp children. There is the father, Captain von Trapp and his children. Things get a rough start when Maria turns one of the children right away into a vampire. Things get better until Maria meets Lady Baroness. Lady Baroness wants Maria gone but Maria will not give up without a fight.

I have to admit that I have never seen the movie or play, Sound of Music. However, this is not what attracted me to this book anyways. It was the book cover. O-M-G. This book had me from the moment I picked this book up and started reading it. The shining star in this book was Maria. She was vile, shameless, and horney as can be. Trust me, while Maria may be dead that does not keep her from mentioning and showing her "lady parts" off as much as she can get away with. Maria makes Julie Andrews look like a saint. The female battle between Maria and Lady Baroness was entertaining as well. They were like watching two cats in heat My only problem was that I found Captain von Trapp to be a bore. It was like he was walking in an alcoholic haze all the time. I wondered what the two women found in him. It had to have been the money. The more that I got to know of Captain von Trapp, I more that I was rooting for Maria and Lady Baroness to hook up and forget the Captain. If this had happened, this would have really made things interesting. The crazed von Trapp children was also great. Running around shouting "The Hills are Alive". My Favorite Fangs will have you roaring with laughter and singing "Blood drops on roses and bloody-nosed kittens" are just a few of my favorite things.

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