Comeback Love with Peter Golden

Do you believe in true love and soul mates?

Absolutely. But it takes time to value someone else’s emotional security as much as your own. That’s what I think of as true love.

What was your inspiration for Comeback Love?

A desire to explore my own life, the lives of people I knew, and to understand more clearly the most important change in American life since World War II: the changing role of women.

Which came first the characters or the story?

The characters.

How much research did you do for this book?

I’ve been researching and writing about post-World War II America for many years. I also lived through the years I’ve written about. I guess the short answer to your questions is “A lot.”

How did you meet your wife?

At a writer’s group.

Can you tell people why they should read Comeback Love?

If they enjoy a moving story about men and women, and all of the challenges they face together today and in the past.

Can you share what you are currently working on?

I’ve already sold my next novel to Atria. It’s a romantic saga that follows two intertwining families - one Jewish, one African-American - over three generations, spanning The Great Depression and World War II to the Sixties

Thank you. I enjoyed every moment of Comeback Love.

You’re welcome. I can’t tell how wonderful it is to hear from someone who enjoyed my novel. And thanks for the chance to answer some questions.

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