When Parents Text: So Much said…So Little Understood is a book that can be shared and enjoyed by all.

When Parents Text is a funny compilation of text messages from parents to their children and there are some from grandparents. Some of the tests are hilarious like for example:

Subject: Referral
Mom: I just picked up a reefer. All there. Is lots of traffic. Call the doctor to see if you can reschedule for another day.

Subject: Hardin House
Dad: I’m going to drop off your dorm application, It’s hamburger house right?
Dad: Hamburger
Dad: Hamburger
Dad: I don’t know how this phone gets “hamburger” from H-a-r-d-i-n.
(one hour later)
Dad: Don’t get your hopes up. They said hamburger house is basically already filled up.
Dad: Hamburger
Dad: Not again.

Subject: Bowtie Man (He rocks. Follow Bowtie Man on Twitter)
Mom: Can you please call me when you need to be picked up! Don’t do anything stupid! :-)8
Me: What is that emoticon?
Mom: bowtie man! He doesn’t do anything stupid.

Subject: Facebook Chat
Mom: One of ypor friends facebook chatted me. Do I respond. If yes, what do I say? Pleaz help. Come home NOW.
(five minutes later)
Mom: Do you think this is funny??? COME HOME NOW, I am really feeling thr pressure! Help your mother!

Subject: Divorce
Dad: I’m not sure but I think that I accidentally divorced your mom on facebook. ..I’ll keep you posted.
Me: (silence)
Mom: Why is your father married to his sister on facebook?

Subject: Rowdy Grandma
Grandma: Have you tried that whipped cream wiyj alcohol?

Subject: Disgusted
Me: Going to see the Justin Bieber movie!!
Mom: (:&)
Mw: What?
Mom: That’s my disgusted face, I hate the Beeb.

Subject: Dildodorf
Mom: Is dildodorf dead.
Me: ROFL dumbledore is dead, yes.
Mom: And snake man

Subject: Wanna Take a Ride
Mom: Listening to Lady Gaga’s nw song
Mom: What’s s disco stick?
Mw: Google It

So I could go on and on about some of my other favorite text messages but if you like the ones you read here than you have got to check out this book and the website. When Parents Text: So Much said…So Little Understood is a book that can be shared and enjoyed by all. I am going to give my copy of this book to my mom to read for laughs.


Unknown said…
These are hilarious! Thanks for my laugh for today!!
Cheryl said…
Dana-your welcome

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