Avid gamer fans, geeks, and fans of the eighties will all fall in love with Ready Player One.

Five years ago, OASIS, virtual reality creator and billionaire, James Halliday dead. Before Halliday’s passing, he offered up a huge challenge. The first gamer to locate three hidden keys and unlock several gates will find a hidden room filled with gold beyond their wildest dreams. As the years passed, less and less people attempted to find the hidden room. Only the most, extreme and dedicated gamers still tried. Eighteen year old, Wade Watts was one of them. Things quickly picked up when Wade was the first one to locate the Copper Key. Soon afterwards, gamers were logging on again, in hopes of finding the lost treasure. As if playing Dungeons and Dragons, quoting movie lines from eighties movies and avoiding traps was not enough. Wade has to deal with the Sixers. A group of bots that hope to find the treasure first and will do anything to get it. Luckily for Wade, he is joined by two other players, character name “Aech”, his friend and “Art3mis”, a girl.

Avid gamer fans, geeks, and fans of the eighties will all fall in love with Ready Player One. Instantly, I was head over heels in love with this book. Ready Player One is like watching VH1’s I Love the Eighties. It features all the best things about the eighties. Mr. Cline really did a good job on this book. I saw and experienced everything though, Wade’s shoes. I was born in the eighties, so this was a fun book for me. I did not become a gamer until later. The first gaming system I played was Nintendo. I don’t play so much on the gaming system as I do play computer games. My husband and I like to play World of Warcraft. As I was reading this book, I would tell myself, that I would only read just one more page and soon one page turned into several until I was finished reading this book. Ready Player One is a recommended read!


Unknown said…
I love '80s stuff (although I was born a few years before that ...) Sounds like a fun book.

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