Wildflower Hill blossomed and grew a place in my heart and bookshelf!

When Emma was an eleven years old, her grandma told her if she becomes a ballerina, she will give her a present. Emma’s grandma loved to watch Emma dance and this is why she wanted Emma to become a ballerina. Emma told her grandma that she would become a ballerina and that she didn’t need a present to become one. Emma’s grandma did tell Emma that ballerina’s can not dance forever.

Present Day

Emma did become a famous ballerina. One night after leaving from a long, practice session, Emma was walking down the stairs when she lost her balance and went crumbling down. Emma’s whole world as she knows it goes crashing down. Emma’s come comes to bring Emma home. Emma goes on the condition that there might be a chance that she will dance again as her mom knows of a doctor that can help. Emma learns that her grandma has left her a house on Wildflower Hill but with the house is a sheep farm. Emma can not sell the house for at least six months. What does Emma need with a sheep farm?

I have to admit that I really got into Beattie’s story. There were so many good moments and rich story and history in the past that I would kind of skim over the parts when the story would flash back to the present and Emma, just so that I could get back to Beattie’s story faster. Beattie was a strong character, who faced great adversity and overcame it. Not to discount Emma as I thought, she was nice and it was good to see she was not a prima donna ballerina but a kind hearted person. Though, there is not much else I can really say about Emma as like I had said earlier, I didn’t really read her story. Overall, I still enjoyed this book a lot and will read more books by this author. Wildflower Hill blossomed and grew a place in my heart and bookshelf!


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