The Butterfly Cabinet

This book starts with Anna writing to Maddie McGlade telling her that she is ready to hear Maddie’s story. Maddie was a former nanny to Anna. Before Anna, Maddie was a nanny to another little girl. Her name was Charlotte Ormond. Charlotte was just four years old when she died. Her mother, Harriet sits in prison for the murder of Charlotte. Both Maddie and Harriet share their sides of the story of the events leading up to Charlotte’s death.

I must admit that this is one of those books that sound better than it was. Well it seemed that way to me. The characters were lackluster and never really grabbed my attention and made me become intrigued with them. This in turn made the book read slower. Even though this book was based around true events, I felt that there was a lot of details spent on getting things right, than on developing the characters. Though, the parts that I did find somewhat interesting were when Harriet was narrating and sharing what happened. Harriet’s story was told as if she was speaking to Charlotte trying to apologize for what happened. Sadly, this book was just ok. Not to say that author, Bernie McGill can not write as I did like where she was going with this book. I would give this author another chance in the future.


I really liked this one; I didn't really identify with the characters, but the tone of the writing and the way the actual story was revealed bit by bit really made it a hit with me.

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