Mice, we may be but hear us roar!

Shelley and Elizabeth are on their own now. After Shelley’s father leaves her mother for a younger woman and moves to Spain, Shelley and Elizabeth are left with nothing. They go house hunting and find the perfect secluded location. The place is called Honeysuckle Cottage. It is the perfect place to make a home for two “mice”.

Everything is going well until that one night when Shelley hears foot steps in the house. From there, things spiral out of control very quickly.

I had no expectations when I opened this book to read it. I have to say that if I did have any expectations, this book by far exceed them. Shelley and Elizabeth had great dimension and character to them. I thought it was creative the way that Mr. Reece used the word “mice” to describe Shelley and Elizabeth. Though, Shelley and Elizabeth may have started out as “mice”, they ended up as “lions”. When the story really god interesting was when, the stranger came into the house and from there; the rest of the story just flew. Shelley and Elizabeth shared a close relationship. Mr. Reece is a good prolific writer. I could envision everything in detail. Mice may be Mr. Gordon Reece’s debut novel but it reads like he is already a pro. Mice, we may be but hear us roar!


Unknown said…
This sounds great! Kind of creepy. Great review - I'm adding it to my tbr list.

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