Wedlocked. If you’re looking for a gift novel, here it is – give it to yourself first!!

Review by Nancy
In a funny, sardonic way, Rebecca’s wedding at age 37 was NOT the one of her dreams. They were serving lamb which she had absolutely forbidden. She overheard her future in-laws discussing the past of her future husband. She offered up condolences to his nearly-dead-but-here Auntie on her heart operation (she didn’t have one). After all this, she STILL SAID I DO. Served her right, sort of. After all, a 37-year old Jewish girl can’t be too picky and maybe the honeymoon will help. Hmmmmm.

Rebecca was a model student. Going to shul, straight A’s, playing dolls (even though she let her sister adopt most of them!) and being drop-dead gorgeous. She was fine until she saw her first play with her Gramma Emma who had been a bit of a starlet back in the day. The bug bit her and it bit her hard! When Gramma passed on she had left Rebecca with an inheritance – enough to go to Hollywood and make it big. Gramma was also smart enough to leave it in Mom ‘s control.

So Becks goes it on her own and, had she not been so “perfect”, “correct” and conscientious things might have gone differently. She did fall in love. She did get heart heartbroken and, after ten years of commercials and miscasting she gave it up and went back to New York. There she meets future husband Craig. Every Jewish mother’s dream boy! The wedding goes off as planned and then, then things begin to pop!

I laughed out loud at this story. Got a tad teary here and there and I also loved every page I read. Ms. Trachtenberg is a hoot! If you’re looking for a gift novel, here it is – give it to yourself first!!

Bonnie Trachtenberg worked as Senior Writer and Copy Chief at Book-of-the-Month Club and has written seven children’s book adaptations. She’s also written for three newspapers, and has penned countless magazine articles. Wedlocked is her first novel. She lives on Long Island with her husband, stepchildren, and cats.
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