The Sixes

Phoebe Hall is a famous writer. All of her books have been on the best sellers list. Things coming crashing down suddenly on Phoebe, when she is accused of plagiarism. Phoebe’s agent suggests that Phoebe take a vacation until things cool down. That is why, when Phoebe’s friend, Glenda offers Phoebe a short term teaching job at Lyle College, Phoebe accepts.

Phoebe is getting comfortable, until a girl goes missing. Glenda asks Phoebe to investigate on behalf of the college, the girl’s disappearance. Phoebe soon realizes that there is more to the girl’s disappearance than meets the eye. Lyle College has an all girl’s secret society known as the Sixes. Phoebe will learn that you do not mess with the Sixes.

This book had the feel of the Skulls. A rich, secret society where only the elite get in and they are untouchable. While, I did like this book, I felt that it could have been better. For example, the tricks the Sixes played on Phoebe were a bit juvie: like placing apples on Phoebe counter or dead rats on her floor, so that she knew that the Sixes could access her house and she was not safe. For me this did not build up the suspense leading up to the ending. Which speaking of the ending was a bit of a let down. The whole being of who and what the Sixes were was explained briefly and the reveal was quick and to the point. Overall, I did not care for this book as much as I would have liked but I do like this author and will check out her next book.


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