Our Daily Bread

Review by Nancy

Albert Erskine is one of the mountain people. He was born there, raised there and still is there, albeit in his own one-room shack away from everyone else. He lived through the hell that serves for growing up in his clan. He endures sodomy, sex with his mother, burns, whippings, little love and absolutely no salvation. Just like the young children in his family today.

Bobby Evans is a typical sullen teen. His mother has left the home, his little sister Ivy cries a lot, his dad is lost in life. He thinks he has it bad. He hasn’t a clue. Then he meets Albert and finds the big brother he never had.
What happens when these two collide is beyond imagination. The children of the mountain want to die; Ivy wants to be a rockhound and wants dad to hunt with her. An amazing woman named Dorothy Carlisle has been secretly trying to help the mountain children for years and finds it easy to assist Ivy in her loneliness by having her help in Dorothy’s antique shop.

Above all of this in their small town world of Gideon is the Church of Christ Returning, whose parishioners can gossip their lives away but can’t be bothered to lift their hands in assistance. What happens in this story is horrible – beyond it, in fact but what happens in this story will change you. I made me hate my fellow man because, although this is a tale of fiction – it is based on the truth and that’s something I will never forget. “Deliverance” my foot – this is the real story!


lori ellis said…
Dear Cheryl, Thanks for your review and recommending Our Daily Bread. I just finished the novel and loved it. Just like you said, it's the "real Deliverence"! The characters were well-developed and even Albert, had many redeeming qualities. I really loved Dorothy, the antique-shop owner. I see many parallels of what's going on around us today, in terms of our inability to recognize we have more in common with each other than we have differences. Loved it, and give it top rating as well! best, Lori

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