Call Me Princess

Detective Inspector Louise Rick is one of the few females at the Copenhagen Police Department. Seeing as Louise is one of the few, she is usually assigned the rape cases as most of the victims are female and they relate to another female better. As Louise starts investigating, she realizes that the victim, Susanne may have known her attacker…well kind of. Susanne was a member of a dating site, where she meet her attacker. She took him back home and things started out ok but by the time that Susanne realized what she was in for it was took late.

Call Me Princess is author, Sara Blaedel’s first English novel. This book is not for the faint at heart or weak stomached. There is a violet rape scene at the beginning of this book. Also, there is crude language used though out this book. I noticed that the writing was simple but there was a lot of detail at the same time in the way that the characters explained things or if they attempted to explain something it was with the use of language. Not that I was offended as I would expect some language from a murder mystery novel. Detective Inspector Louise is a hard nosed character, even for a woman. She didn’t have a shoulder to cry on. She got down to business and tried to solve the case as quickly as she could. Don’t lie to her or you could end up with a bullet in your back. Though, this was a quick read, I never really related to Louise or the victim, Susanne, which was on the negative side for me. This book started out good, hit a few bumps in the middle and ended on a good note. Ms. Blaedel shows nice promise and I will be keeping an eye on her in the future.


Anonymous said…
Souns like it might be too graphic for me.
Unknown said…
Kudos to you for reading it. Too graphic for me.

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