Daemons in the Mist

Review by Nancy

Patrick was like any other high school kid. A senior, he had a group of close friends, had been in love/lust with the same girl for 4 years and she had no clue he existed and was a latch-key kid since his parents were NEVER home, left for weeks at a time and came back oblivious to Patrick and his classes, pals, etc.

Back to that girl – Nualla Galathea – to be exact. Nualla always hung with her cousin, Nikki, a friend named Shawn, and was the most gorgeous girl at Bayside Academy. Rich but not pretentious, she had a smile for all, was kind and did NOT like Michael who was determined to make her like him. She never saw Patrick in the throng of students in the halls.

In a magical story Ms. Dillman takes us into the mist of San Francisco – into the world of the Daemons who we never see. Nualla and friends are daemons and others as well. Patrick hasn’t a clue but he is beginning to have some stress headaches which causes Nualla, after meeting him; to whisk him off with her and her friends to Vegas. After a night of fake ids, many, many drinks and partying Patrick wakes up with the hangover of his life. With Nualla. Married. Hmmmmmm….

I loved this book! The characters were so believable, the plot outstanding and the conclusion left me wanting more, more! This is just an excellently written, well done story that you should get to your teenager (then yourself) ASAP!


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