Holly's Inbox

Have you ever wanted to feel what it is like in someone else's shoes? Well you can in Holly's Inbox. Holly Denham has decided to open her inbox to readers. So come take a wild and crazy ride into Holly's world. Holly Denham has just gotten herself a new job working as a receptionist for Huerst and Wright. A huge financial institution. As if the first day of a new job wasn't hard enough, having your friends and family emailing you every second of every day can be really stressful.

You can bet through that there is never a dull moment when you have friends like Aisha and Jason to keep you company or a brother who wants to name you as owner of his sex nightclub. Alisha asks Holly for help getting a job. Holly finds Alisha the perfect job working at a hotel with her friend Jason. Now if only Alisha would only stop playing housekeeper with the hotel guests. Alisha and men equals trouble with a capital "T". But you have got to love Aisha even if she is a major drama queen. Then there is Jason who on the other hand is the type of friend ever woman needs. He makes sure you are kept up to date on the latest celebrity gossip and he always has some piece of advice to share. Some of it is pretty good. Now if only Holly would listen to it. Jason is the ultimate perfect gay best friend. My favorite person of all has got to be Holly's granny. I have one questions...What do you get when your granny gets introduced to the wonderful world known as the world wide web? The answer is...a hilarious good time.

I want to thank Holly for letting me into her world and specifically her email inbox. What a hoot. I started this book on a Sunday morning and b evening I had finished it. I couldn't put it down. With Holly's Inbox this is the first time that I have read a whole book, where it was composed up of just emails. Holly has some of the greatest friends. Her family makes me glad mine is normal compared to her's. I can't wait to read more of Holly's adventures. I mean come one who hasn't waited to read someone else's emails. Now you can without getting in trouble. So the next time you are looking for a good laugh then you have to read Holly's Inbox.


Linda Jacobs said…
I've always been attracted to books like this. Did you ever read Up the Down Staircase? I loved that format!
I have a friend I just sent this link to -- the email novel....she'll be interested to see this, I think.
Shonda said…
Funny to discover this post. I just came home from Barnes and Noble where I discovered this book. I immediately added my name to the wait list at my local library. Now, I'm wondering if it's ownership worthy?

Great review! Thanks!
Holly Denham said…
Hi Cheryl
It's so nice of you to take the time to do this, it's so kind. My family is very strange in real life too, so it had quite a bit based around real people....
If you have any questions etc let me know I'll come back here to check.
DeSeRt RoSe said…
Sounds like a fun book to read :) thanks for the great review!

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