The Wonder Singer + Contest

See my review below. Also thank you to Caitlin with Unbridled Books as I have a copy of this book to give away to US or Canada only and No PO Boxes.

To enter leave a comment below on wheather you like opera or have ever wanted to go to a show. Leave a email address.

Contest ends May 29th

My Review

Mark Lockwood is a writer. He is pretty unknown but he has struck it lucky. He has been commissed to write a tell all autobiography of opera singer Merce Casals. Mark has spent months in the company with Merce recording their converstations. Then one day the lovely Merce passes away in her bath.

Now Mark's agent, Hollywood Hank wants the tapes. He plans to have someone write the book. Mark won't do that as he knows that Merce Casals trusted him with her story and he plans to do her justice. Marks runs off with the tapes. Mark takes a journey through Merce's life as he listens back to the tapes. He isn't alone in this journey. Mark is joined by Merce's nurse, Perla, her biggest fan, Orson La Prima and Merce's true love, Nolan Keefe.

The Wonder Singer is the first book I have read by Mr. Rabasa. I was so pleased at how smooth it read. I really felt a connection with Merce Casals, Mark Lockwood, Perla, Orson and Nolan. Merce's story was a sad but enduring one. It was like reading a story within a story. This can be hard to do but Mr. Rabasa really pulled it off with this book. The transition when the story would switch between the present and the past was seamless. As I was reading I had a image painting in my head. I recommend The Wonder Singer to everyone.

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Kaye said…
If you get a running image in your head, that is a good book! Please enter me in the drawing as this sounds like something I would really enjoy. florida982002[at]
Anonymous said…
I love music, but have never actually gotten to go to an opera. One of these days.

I'd love to be entered. Thanks.

carolsnotebook at yahoo dot com
Unknown said…
I have never been to an opera but would love to some day go. Just the setting alone would be great.

mrtoniosmommy at yahoo dot com
tetewa said…
I went to the opera once and enjoyed it!
KR said…
I've never been but love the music!!!

Ann Diana Dinh, said…
I've never seen an opera but I want to!

Bingo said…
Oh, please enter me. A book about a writer and music..yum! Thanks for the giveaway!
Annie1 said…
I've never been to an opera, although I have seen some on tv, but I couldn't name them for you!

This book looks great!

Unknown said…
I've never been to the opera, but I wouldn't be opposed to seeing it. It never hurts to try something new!

jgbeads AT gmail DOT com
CherylS22 said…
I've never been to an opera so I'm not sure whether I'd like it or not.

Please count me in - Thanks!
megalon22 at yahoo dot com
Teddy Rose said…
I can take or leave opera. If someone gave me free tickets I would certainly go. I loved Carmen!

I blogged about your giveaway here:

teddyr66 at yahoo dot com
sharon54220 said…
I have never been to an opera.

Please enter me.
Carlene said…
I have never been to an opera but think I would love it. Please inlcude me in your giveaway.
Fokxxy said…
I have always wanted to go to the opera but never had the opportunity. I love musicals and think the opera would be phenomenal.

Kristen said…
This is such an intriguing story; I'd love to win the book! As for opera, I don't love it but I've never heard it live at a performance, which would probably be much more appealing than on CD.

whitreidsmama at yahoo dot com
Belinda M said…
I have never been to an opera but open to trying anything once. So, if the opportunity presented itself I would go

"Canadian Contests, Freebies, Coupons, Deals, Games and Fun:"
Terri said…
I LOVE Andrea Boccelli although I've never been to an opera!
L said…
I've never been to an opera, but I'd love to go to one at least once in my life.


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