Axe of Iron: The Settlers

The year is 1008. A group of Northmen led by Halfdan Ingolfsson and accompanied by his second in command, Gudbjartur Einarsoon. Together they and their group leave their homes in Greenland and set out for the undiscovered, unpopulated land of Vinland. A place that will later be known as North America. Along the way, Halfdan and the rest of the Northmen come in contact with a group of people who call themselves Thalmiut of The People of the Deer. Though communication between the two civilizations is difficult at first, they eventually figure our a way to get along with each other. They teach each other how they live and survive. Will the Northmen be able to apply this new found knowledge and survive in this new land or will they give up and head back to Greenland?

Let me first start off by saying that when I read the summary for this book I thought it was interesting but stil had my concerns about whether I would really like it. I can say with one hundred percent total satification that I truly enjoyed Axe of Iron: The Settlers. It is not often that I come across a book that will amaze and surprise me in a good way but when it does happen I love those moments. I read and finished this book over the weekend. Mr. Hunsinger is a wonderful and talented author. He really knows how to tell a good story. It was like I could experience everything from the swaying of the ships to the hard labor of cutting up and preparing meat for the winter months to come. So my last words to you the reader is to pick your self up a copy of this book today and you will see what I am talking about.


J. A. Hunsinger said…
Thanks, Cheryl, for your great review of my novel, Axe of Iron: The Settlers. All I ask is a fair assessment and you have certainly provided more than that.

I am happy you enjoyed my tale.

J. A. Hunsinger said…

My security system warns of multiple threats on your blog. I imagine they are related to the Chinese text located on this comment page. They are contained in clickable links.

Also, and I know the names are difficult for many people, but Gudbjartur's last name is misspelled. It should be: Einarsson.

Ruth Schaller said…
I gots me a surprise for you over at my blog. Come check it out!
Cheryl said…
I was also very surprised, in a good way, by this book. I feel like I got an authentic look at Norse life.
JohnnieU said…
I just received Axe of Iron over the weekend and read the first few chapters. At first I was astounded be the amount of historical and sociological detail, but what is most impressive about the book is how quickly the story line is developed and how the characters have been brought to life. Jerry's writing style demonstrates a unique talent and I haven't quite figured out how he is able to pull it off. Great work Jerry! I am about to finish the evening immersed in this book.

Johnnie "U"

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