Whisper of Warning

I want to thank Ms. Griffin for sending me a copy of this book to review.

Courtney Glass is in big trouble. She is being convicted of killing her lover John David Alvin. Courtney says she is innocent but the facts are stacked pretty high against Courtney. The gun that killed Mr. Alvin is registered to Courtney. You can’t get any clearer evidence than that. Office Will Hodges wants to believe Courtney but he also knows that he has to be sharp on his feet. Just because he feels something for Ms. Glass does not mean she is innocent. In fact she could be a cold hard killer. Office Hodges will need to get to the bottom of the truth and fast before someone else breaths their last breath.

The chemistry between Office Hodges and Courtney Glass was just right. I say this because it did not deter from the plot but at the same time it their relationship made sense with the storyline. Whisper of Warning is the second book I have read by Laura Griffin. Just like with the last book, I really enjoy Ms. Griffin’s writing style and flair. Ms. Griffin really knows how to bait and hook the reader into the story and her characters. She adds twists at all the right moments without giving away anything. I recommend picking up a copy of this book today and see for yourself how great Laura Griffin really is.

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