The Traitor's Wife

Eleanor is the niece of King Edward the second. Eleanor gets married to the young and dashing High le Despenser. Hugh and Eleanor are very happy together. Eleanor has even more to be happy about when Queen Isabella appoints her as one of her ladies in waiting. As Eleanor spends more time in the presence of Kind Edward, she realizes that he is not the king she pictured him to be.

Eleanor and King Edward start to become very close. You could say almost to the point that if you saw them you would think they were lovers. A big reason for this is because Hugh is always gone on missions. Something terrible happens and Hugh is accused of conspiracy and is exiled. Hugh is later tried and convicted to be a traitor. He is executed. Eleanor takes on the burden of raising her and Hugh’s children, all the while learning to adapt as being known as the traitor’s wife.

Susan Higginbotham takes a historical period and updates it for modern times. She does it without losing any of the integrity that has made this time period great. I have to admit that I am not familiar with Eleanor but after reading this book, I now want to research more information about Eleanor. For historical fans everywhere you could not ask for a better book than The Traitor’s Wife.


The Traitor's Wife sounds like a good historical fiction and on I need to get a hold of! I'm intrigued to find out about this relationship with King Edward!
Darlene said…
I'm just starting this one today. I'm really looking forward to it. Historical fiction is definitely one of my favorites.
Teddy Rose said…
Really nice review! This one is on my TBR.

Did you see the guest post that Susan Higginbotham did on Historical Tapestry? It's worth checking out:
The Bookworm said…
Great review, I agree, it was a good read.
Thanks for the review, Cheryl!

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