The Chocolate Lover's Club

I want to thank Joan with St. Martin's for sending me a copy of this book to review.

Four friends have joined together to form an exclusive group called the Chocolate Lover's Club. The only rule pretty much is that you have to be willing to drop everything if someone is in need of a supporting shoulder and of course...chocolate! Now that you now the rule, let me introduce you to the ladies. First there is Lucy Lombard. She is the founding member of the club and a fan of anything chocolate. Next comes Autumn, who's darkest desires can only be clamed by rich, dark chocolate. Then you have Naida. She is the only one out of the group who is a mother. She has a three year old son named Lewis. She like Lucy does not have a preference in what type of chocolate she likes but unlike Lucy she eats it without really savoring the experience. Lastly there is Chantal Hamilton. She and her wealthy husband, Ted moved to London from sunny California.

The gals meet regularly at a quiet cafe called Chocolate Heaven. Where else would four chocolate fanatics meet?The best part is that Heaven is run by two gay guys who are chocolate lovers as well. The business end is mainly run by Tristan, a former accountant. The real magic comes from the kitchen where Clive, a master chocolatier is most happy at. Lucy, Autumn, Naida, and Chantal get together to discuss their jobs, bosses, families, and their sex lives or in Chantal's case lack there of. I don't know what Ted is thinking not wanting Chantal. Maybe that is why Chantal finds herself at a swanky hotel trying to get some. If only she had thought the whole situation though, she won't be in the predicament that she now finds herself in. At least she has her friends to help her out.

Lucy, Autumn, Naida, and Chantal's lives may not be perfect but then who needs perfect when you have good friends served up with a side of delicious chocolate. The Chocolate Lover's Club hits you in all the right places and leaves you craving more. This is the ultimate chick-lit book. This is a good thing as you will want to tell all of your girlfriends to pick up a copy of this novel today. I enjoyed myself reading this story. I plan to keep my eye on Carole Matthews and what she writes next.


Joanna Waugh said…
What a great book! I adore anything that has to do with chocolate.
I have a friend in Britain who owns a company called Chocolate for Chocoholics ( He travels all over the world buying unique chocolate treats then sells them through Tupperware-like hostess parties. Great idea, huh?
Darlene said…
This sounds awesome Cheryl! Thanks.

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