Tender Graces

I want to thank Deborah with Belle Books for sending me a copy of this book to review.

Virginia Kate Carey is heading back home to West Virginia to care for her estranged mother. If it wasn’t for the diary her mother sent her Virginia won’t be going back. When Virginia opens and starts reading the diary she travels back in time to when her mother and father first met. Her mother was a wild child back then and her father was very well educated and loved to quote Shakespeare. In fact this was exactly how Virginia’s father won over her mother. You could call these times…happier times. A time when Virginia’s mother loved and cared for her family. Sadly through love wasn’t enough and Virginia’s family split. Her father moved to Louisiana to be with his new wife. Eventually Virginia and her brothers ended up with their father, leaving their mother alone.

Tender Graces is a story about going home, finding love, sorrow, and grace. Let me tell you that I instantly fell in love with Virginia and her family. It was like I was walking in Virginia’s shoes every step of the way. I really enjoyed the simplicity of this story but at the same time having the characters and story be so powerful. This story had me spellbound. I had a hard time putting it down. Tender Graces is author, Kathryn Magendie’s first novel. I can’t believe this is Ms. Magendie’s first book. I can’t wait to see how Kathryn Madendie tops Tender Graces.

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Vanessa said…
Thanks for the review... this sounds like a great book.
Darlene said…
Nice review Cheryl. I saw this somewhere in the last few days and thought how good it sounded. I'll be adding this to my wishlist.
Thank you, Cheryl, for this lovely review. What writer would not want to read the words "had a hard time putting it down...."! *smiling*

I appreciate your review very much...again; Thank You!
Polly said…
Thanks for a great review. I can hardly wait to read this book! This is one I am really excited about reading.
Anonymous said…

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