Lady Anne and the Howl in the Dark

Lady Lydia Bestwick has sent a very disturbing letter to Lady Anne Addison. Lady Bestwick requires Lady Addison's help. Anne immediately heads for Yorkshire, particularly Darkefell Manor. When Anne arrives she gets the most unexpected welcome. She stumbles across a dead mangled body. Anne now understands why Lady Bestwick is so concerned. Anne knows that there has got to be an explanation for the wild beast attacked that Lydia is worried about. Someone who is not happy about Anne's snooping is the Marquess of Darkefell. The Marquess has a reason for being annoyed as he has a deep, dark secret that if uncovered could cause havoc.

I thought the concept for this story was a good one. It encompassed the best of both worlds... historical and paranormal. Plus the plot was a little on the dark and mysterious side. While I liked the storyline, I did have a small issue with the characters. I wished that they drew me in more to their world. Anne and the Marquess both seemed intriguing but for some reason I couldn't get into them that much. On the other hand I really enjoyed the location setting as I felt that it helped set the storyline. I do want to give kudos to Donna Lea Simpson for her book Lady Anne and the Howl in the Dark.


Steph Su said…
This sounds like it could be an enjoyable read for me, so I'll keep it in mind. Thanks for the review, Cheryl!
Darlene said…
I really enjoyed this book. Funny how some do get into the characters and others don't. For me, I really liked the characters of these two and can't wait to see what they're up to next. I really liked the paranormal aspects too.
Anonymous said…
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Anonymous said…
THis sounds like something I'll enjoy.
Kristi said…
I have linked your review to mine here.

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