Boneman's Daughter

I want to thank Miriam with Hachette for sending me a copy of this book to review.

Intelligence officer Ryan Evans has never been much of a husband to Celine or a father to his daughter, Bethany. In fact to avoid having to deal with Celine, Ryan volunteers for dangerous missions in far away counties. His latest mission has him gathering data in the Middle East. Ryan had called it a day and was travelling back to camp when the Humvee that he was riding in was attacked. Ryan gets knocked out. When Ryan awakes, he is in a room with a man by the name of Kahlid, who interrogates him. Kahlid teaches Ryan the value of life. He also shows Evans that you can break someone's bones without damaging the skin. Just when Ryan taught the end was near, he is able to escape and be rescued. Ryan is ready to put this whole ordeal behind him but the nightmare is just beginning.

A serial killer by the name of Boneman has abducted Bethany. The Boneman received his name because he would take girls, break their bones and leave them for dead. Boneman only broke their bones because he was trying to be the perfect father to the perfect daughter and none of the girls were it but maybe Bethany will be that daughter. Ryan gets accused of being Boneman. So Ryan decides to take matters into his own hands.

Boneman's Daughter is the first novel that I have read by Mr. Dekker. I have seen his books all over and even own one of his other prior works but never got the chance to try them out till now. After completing this story, I plan to check out more of Ted Dekker's books, starting with the one I currently own. The story moves very fast and there are a lot of characters and movements going on that I thought I would have a hard time following along but this book was so well put together that you will lose yourself in it. Ryan is a very likable character. I felt myself pulling for him. Though I knew who Boneman was, I did not expect the twist near the end of the book. I highly recommend picking up a copy of Boneman's Daughter today.

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wisteria said…
Thanks for the comprehensive review. Very well done!!
I didn't plan on reading this book as it sounded too macabre. I'm still on the fence with it. Your review may tempt me.

Nely said…
This book sounds fantastic. I'm buying it!
Darlene said…
I thought this novel was great. I've read House by him and really liked it too. Next on the list is Kiss.
Luanne said…
It was a good twist at the end! Glad you enjoyed it.

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