Fatal Waters

I want to thank Iris Moss for sending me a copy of her book to review.

Marine biologist, Dr. Autumn Knight felt like her life was finally coming together after her broken engagement and the death of her fiancé, shark expert Cory Perkins six months ago in the waters of Hawaii.

Autumn was locking up for the night where she worked at Lakeside Aquarium, when she hears a splash. She sees a man face down floating in the tank. Autumn pulls the man out, only to have her nightmare begin all over again. The man is non other than Cory but that can't be right as Cory is suppose to be dead. Cory dies in Autumn's arms. Autumn suspects something is up and decides to do some investigate work. Autumn learns that Cory was living a very dangerous and secretative life.

Boris Zolo is a very wealthy man. He also happens to own one of the most expensive sea life collections. One of the items in his collection was a gigantic pearl that is estimated at a worth of forty-five million dollars. I say "was" because it was stolen. Boris has invited Autumn to come stay for a few days in Hawaii. She agrees. What she doesn't know is that Boris has invited her because she is the prime suspect. Autumn had better watch her back as the waters are deadly when surrounded by sharks.

Fatal Waters is a good, quick read. I liked that Autumn did not decide to sit back and let the authorities solve Cory's death. This book starts out strong. I could picture everything that was happening in detail. It was like I was in the water...watching and waiting for my impending death. Though I enjoyed the plot and Autumn, what I wished is that I felt a little more of a connection with the characters in this book. Because of this I won't always be fully focused on the story and would have to go back and re-read some parts. Aside from the characters, Iris Moss did a good job with this book. I would gladly read another one of her books.

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