You won't get No Sanctuary here.

Officer Stacey Wilbur is called onto the scene of horrible car crash. The car is wrapped around a tree. There is onle one person in the car...a woman. At first it seems like a pretty cut and dry case. Upon futher digging, Stacey learns that the woman was shot to death, neatly behind the ear. The woman was Mallory Cookmeyer. She is the wife of a prominant pastor's wife.

Stacey calls for help on this case. Detective Doug Milligan, Stacey's friend and somewhat boyfriend agrees to lend a hand to Stacey. Instantly as with any murder case, the spouse is the lead suspect. It seems that Stacey may not need to look any father then the husband. He sure never acted with any remorse when he was notifed of his wife's death. Stacey learns though that everything is not what it seems in this town. The pastor was not the only one who's hands are covered in blood. As Stacey gets more involved in the case, the list of suspects grows. Just who wants Mallory dead and for what reason? You can learn the answers by reading No Sanctuary.

No Sanctuary is a good read. It is also part of the Rocky Bluff P.D. series written by F.M. Meredith. The best part is that you don't have to read the books in any order. I like this fact because if I am just discovering a new author, which is the case, I want to be able to pick up any book and start reading it. I liked Office Stacey Wilbur. She was tough without being over the top mean. She knew just what to do to solve the case and get her suspect. The romance between Stacey and Doug was just right. I say this because, I enjoy my romances but when it comes to mysteries, I like when the romances don't over power the storyline. Luckily this was not the case. For anyone looking for a quick weekend story with plenty of twists to satisfy any mystery fan, then you should give this book a try.

I want to thank Cheryl for letting me host F.M. Meredith on her blog tour.


Thanks for the review and posting it here.

I had a great time writing this book and I'm having fun promoting it.

Marilyn a.k.a. F. M. Meredith
Anonymous said…
Good going and the book does sound intriguing. Enjoyed the review. And an FYI, I zipped over from Marilyn's Twitter that the review was up. So good promo for both Cheryl and for Marilyn.

Way to go!!

Pat Harrington
Darlene said…
Nice review Cheryl. This book sounds quite good.
Cheryl said…
Thanks for the great review, Cheryl. You've mentioned things that I enjoy about Stacey and the Rocky Bluff P.D. series too.

I hope you'll readers will check out this video trailer for "No Sanctuary":

Thanks for hosting Marilyn today.


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