Read-A Fest

J. Kaye is hosting this fun Read-A-Fest. It focuses on Lisa Jackson and her books. You can sign up here. All you have to do is list which of her many books you plan on reading. It is that easy.

I am listing the ones I currently own and have not read yet but plan to pick up more for this read-a-fest.

The Morning After
Almost Dead


Anonymous said…
Yeah! Glad you are joining. I have my books planned out - finally. This will work well with the other challenges too. I'm excited!
Anonymous said…
Oh, and update, I'll be sending you something cool for the Lisa Jackson Read-a-Fest. Got some extra goodies!
The Bookworm said…
thanks for the heads up, sounds like fun!
Anonymous said…
Yesterday was the last day to get your Lisa Jackson books completed for the Read-A-Fest. There is a post to link your wrap up post. You can find it here.

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