Stakes & Stilettos

Sarah Dearly has just joined the dark side as a nightwalker. It happened two and a half months ago. She went on a blind date. Yes, you guessed it a dreaded blind date story. Her date decided to take a bite. Let me tell you it was anything but …dear-ling. Ok, so groan for the bad pun.

All Sarah wants to do is live a normal life but how normal can one really live as a vampire. Sarah goes for an interview, sure she is a shoo in, only to be staked but the interviewers. Talk about willing to sacrifice for a job. It wasn’t all bad for Sarah. She gets rescued by a tall, dark, masked man. Who calls himself the Red Devil. Sarah wants to get to know the Red Devil better. Unfortunately though she will have her hands full. She pissed off the wrong witch. She is now cursed to talk around as a full-fledged true blood vampire. One who must stay out of the sun and who craves blood. Can Sarah convince this witch to reverse or spell or does Sarah have to invest in some 50 SPF sunscreen?

I have wanted to try this author out for a while but never got around to it. Stakes and Stilettos is book four in the Immortality Bites series. Though I didn’t feel like I missed anything but not reading the rest of the books in this series. Who doesn’t love a good vampire story, filled with humor? I know I do. There are so many vampire stories to choice from now a days that it can be a little hard to know which ones to read. Well let me help you make the choice a little easier and pick up a copy of this book or all of the books by Michelle Rowen.


Anonymous said…
This does sound like a great series. Love that title. It made me chuckle.
Becky LeJeune said…
I totally need to read this series. I've read her Shomi book under the name Michelle Maddox and loved it.
Andrea said…
Ahh!! How did you get a copy??? I LOVE this series!
Darlene said…
This sounds great. Reminds me of the Undead series a bit. I like the humorous vampire stories. I've never heard of these so I'll have to take a peek at them.

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