Galway Bay

I want to thank Miriam with Hachette for letting me be a part of this blog tour. In honor of St. Patrick's Day and reading Galway Bay. I thought this poem seemed fitting to share.

SONG OF INNISFAIL by Thomas Moore from The Poetry and Song of Ireland

They came from a land beyond the sea,

And now o'er the western main

Set sail, in the good ships, gallantly,

From the sunny land of Spain.

"Oh, where's the Isle we've seen in dreams,

Our destined home or grave?"

Thus sung they as, by the morning's beams,

The swept the Atlantic wave.

And lo, where afar o'er ocean shines

A sparkle of radiant green,

As though in that deep lay emerald mines,

Whose light through the wave was seen.

"'Tis Innisfail - 'tis Innisfail!"Rings o'er the echoing sea,

While bending to heaven, the warriors hail

That home of the brave and free.

Then turn'd they unto the Eastern wave,

Where now their Day-God's eye

A look of such sunny omen gave

As lighted up sea and sky.

Nor frown was seen through sky or sea,

Nor tear on leaf or sod,

When first on their Isle of Destiny

Our Eastern fathers trod.

When Honora Keeley and Michael Kelly first met, it was love at first sight. Soon after they were married and starting a family. It was not easy. They grew as much food on their lands and they could. Michael would go out and work under any conditions…rain, snow, sleet, or sun. The elements got so bad that it wiped out almost their entire potatoes crop. They were down to barely eating much. It was important to Mary and Michael that their children were fed and grew up health and strong. Day after day Michael and Mary saw their good friends die. They knew they never wanted that for their children. They wanted them to have a chance at a good life.

When the war made its way to Galway Bay; Michael, Mary, her sister Maire, and their seven children between the two of them set sail for America. Sadly Michael met his fate with a watery grave. It was up to Mary and Maire to raise their children in this new land of opportunity. They did a fine job too. Their children grew up to help mold Chicago into the city it is now. The men go on to fight in the Civil War for Ireland’s freedom. They never forgot where they came from or who they were.

Galway Bay is a touching, soulful, powerful novel. You will be captivated by the words and characters. I dare you not to cry, smile, and cheer with the Mary, Michael and their family as they endure it all to become survivors. It was like I had gone back in time and could feel the earth between my fingers. Every little moment that the Kelly’s went through I was right there with them. If Mary Pat Kelly’s next novel is anything like Galway Bay then I highly anticipate the next release.

Great news! You can hear Mary Pat Kelly in a Blog Talk Radio interview at 11 AM ET Click here

You can read more about Mary and Galway Bay at her website


Serena said…
I really adored this book. Thanks for the review. I'm stopping by on the tour!
BurtonReview said…
Thanks for the poem, and the review. Sounds like a good book!
Darlene said…
Wasn't this a great book Cheryl. I really loved it too.
This was such a good book. I think it's one I can reread!
Toni said…
Great review. The poem was breath taking.. thanks for sharing.
Kaye said…
Loved this book! I hope Ms Kelly does write another book if it even comes close to this one. What a winner!
Luanne said…
Loved the poem - what a great intro to a great review. I loved it as well!
Book Lover Lisa said…
I certaintly cried. Loved this book.
Alyce said…
It was very much a story that I felt like I was living in while I was reading it.
Teddy Rose said…
Thanks for the lovely poem and wonderful review. I really enjoyed the book too.

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