Confessions of a Former Child

Confessions of a Former Child is a memoir of Daniel J. Tomasulo. Mr. Tomasulo is a psychologist, psychodrama trainer and writer. It chronicles his childhood with his family as well as his life as a husband and father. It is a good thing Mr. Tomasuio meant for his memoir to be funny as it was.

I was smiling; especially during the moments when he had a ritual of laying out his Hopalong Cassidy cowboy outfit every Friday night, so that when he woke in the morning he would put it on and practice his gun slinging at exactly 6 am. A time that when Daniel’s downstairs neighbor also knew every well for he would get woken up by the loud thud when Daniel was unfortunate to catch his gun. One time Daniel practiced in his parent’s bedroom while they were sleeping and the sound of the gun combined with the ringing of the phone had his dad waking up so fast it was amazing. Daniel’s father was a double agent so he could handle many things. He took that gun from Daniel’s hands as well as answered the phone without missing a beat.

Another classic moment was when Daniel was younger; he believed that if he ate anything with seeds in them that he would get pregnant. All he pretty much ate that summer was butter and mayo as French toast was out because did you know that you have to use eggs and eggs came from seeds! I enjoyed this light-hearted quick read by Mr. Tomasulo.

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