Book Review: Shifted


There’s a carnival in Layol filled with magic. It travels every night with some of the worst creatures imaginable. Ever since the war started these creatures have been hunted for crimes they didn’t commit. Owen wants to forget that things will never be as they were before the war. He’s pretty skilled at finding things to distract him or finding someone for that matter. It was easy enough.

Then Asher and Shara had to show up and mess everything up. Just when he thought he was close to getting Asher from his mind and going back to being the careless Casanova they all took him for, Shara slams into his life running from something. He had chosen an easy, vapid life. He wasn’t supposed to want, especially not both of them. If life taught him anything, you can’t always have what you want, and life has always forced him to choose. With darkness wrapping the carnival and hunters around every corner, his choices might very well cost him his life or theirs.

My Review

This book instantly sucked me in as soon as I started reading. I started and finished it in one day. The world building was really good but for me it was all about the characters. I was drawn to them. 

This book is spilt into two parts. The past and the present. The past is about Owen and Asher's love story. It was not an easy one. Despite the bumpy roads, I did feel the love they shared for each other. 

All it took was one magical night for Owen and Shara. It was all it took for me too to fall for these two together. Owen had a bit of a cheeky side to him that came into play with Shara. I like that Shara recognized that Owen shared his heart with two and she was willing to share him. 

This book took me on a fantasy journey ride with engaging characters that will stay with me. 


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