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Frankie Burns, brash and bold on the outside, divorced and scarred on the inside, is determined to figure out what really happened with her Paps and his long-lost love, Rosie. Understanding why the duo didn’t find their happily-ever-after is her biggest mission. With every inch of her five-foot-two frame, she’s determined to discover why they were separated and forced to live a life without one another, convinced it will fix her own unhappiness.

Mackenzie Miller, handsome, rich, and one of New York’s most eligible bachelors, keeps everyone at an arm’s length and believes the only barometer to happiness is how wealthy and powerful he becomes. Shoving back his grandmother Milly’s wishes for him to find an everlasting love, he is successful in every other area of life. Abandoned by his mother, fairy tales are not part of Mack’s world, but running his makeup and perfume empire is paramount.

That is…until a feisty blond woman blasts into his life and won’t accept no for an answer when it comes to looking for a connection between his beloved Milly and her beloved Paps.

He doesn’t understand the severity of her search.
She needs to know the story to fill a gap in her own life.

The twist neither of them expects is falling for one another in the process…

My Review

My Dearest Mackenzie is an endearing, sweet, slow burn romance. I liked getting to know Mack and Frankie's about grandparents love story. The letters that Mack's grandmother wrote to her love were great. In fact, the letters were my favorite part of this book. 

The romance between Mack and Frankie was slow to develop. Yet, it felt real this way. They were learning how to really live in the moment by learning about their grandparents love and how to love themselves. 

Readers who are looking for their next emotional and quick read, should check out this book. 


Mystica said…
I like to read a book like this in between the heavier stuff.

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