Book Review: Rookie Recovery


Jamie Sullivan does not date hockey players. As the PT for the Bringham Bobcats, he knows they're loud, cocky, and more trouble than they’re worth. Not to mention painful reminders of the career ripped from his grasp a decade ago—a past he’s desperate to leave behind. All he needs to do is finish his business course and open his own practice to be free of hockey forever. It’s all going according to plan, until a dirty-mouthed young hotshot who won't take no for an answer waltzes into his office, and Jamie’s forced to reconsider whether he’s ready to give up on the game.

They call him a rising star, so why does Archie Bowman still feel like a rookie? Maybe it’s the number of times he’s been traded in his short career. Maybe it’s the homesickness for the family, biscuits, and rugby he left behind in Britain. Or maybe it’s how, despite everyone else buying his cocky act, he still isn’t sure he belongs in the big leagues.

When an old shoulder injury resurfaces a few weeks before the season starts, Bowie's dream is at stake, and Jamie is just the doc to help him get it back. That is, if their blossoming relationship doesn't cloud their judgment ...

* Age gap
* Grumpy sunshine
* Spicy
* Lots of humor
* Brit & American

My Review

I really enjoyed this book. Archie brings his British cheeky side with humor to him. He is the opposite of grumpy, Jamie. The slow burn chemistry between these two is perfect. The buildup is worth the payoff! These two did "snog" as Archie would say. 

I like how Jamie could see a lot of himself in Archie before his injury and only wanted to protect him. Archie was definitely flirting big time with Jamie. Yet, it was in an enduring way and not cocky. Their relationship was built on not just physical but also emotional. 

Rookie Recovery is a witty, charming, steamy read! It scores a winning goal!


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