Book Review: Lost in Life



One word that can turn your entire life upside down.

I never truly understood what it meant to lose someone until I experienced it firsthand. But I won't let the grief define me. I'll use it to mold me, to shape me into someone who is strong enough to take back my life.

I am stronger than the pain and I will find myself again.

Or die trying.

*Lost in Life is book 1 in the Inked Souls Duet. This duet is a dark MMN-B (male/male/non-binary) romance. It is a why choose story, that means there will not be a choice made between the main character love interests and they will all end up together. Along with dark romance themes, violence, and sexual content, this story delves into the very real reality of grief and its effect, please check triggers before proceeding. The duet does end in an HEA but not before many, many tears are shed.

**Please note: Lost in Life ends on a mild cliffhanger.

My Review

Get ready to walk on the dark side. Bodies and bl@@d will be spilled but so will the emotions. The dynamics between Nova, West and Zayn are intense, and they will only grow more in book two of this duet. 

I felt like for the most part these three are equally matched. Although, Zayn may edge them out just a little on the fact that he did not seem to hesitate in dangerous situations. The way that Kitty wrote Nova is great. There was no emphasis on the fact that that Nova is nonbinary. She wrote Nova as just a normal person with the correct pronouns. The whole relationship dynamics between Zayn, West, and Nova felt natural and I can't wait to see more of them in book two. 


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